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Qigong Therapy: Simple Methods

1. Deep Breathing Exercise for Health Promotion

Before exercising, sit down quietly for a few minutes and clear your mind of all thoughts. Then close your eyes gently and mentally direct your attention to tantain, a point about 4 cm below your navel, while closing your mouth and inhaling through your nose slowly. Imagine drawing the breath down to dantian and holding it htere for half a minute ( which may be prolonged progressively to as much as two or three minutes). While holding your breath, pull in your navel as far as possible, holding this position for about one minute before releasing it. Exhale nauturally without any conscious effort. Give no thought to your breathing and direct all your attention to dantain , imagining yourself " looking at" and " listening to " it throughout the exercise.

An initial practice session may last 20 minutes and be gradually lengthened to a maximum of 60 minutes. Walk around for 50 or 60 steps after each session. At least two sessions are required every day.

The exercise can be done in either sitting or supine position. It must be done on a daily basis without interruption to produce the desired effect. By the third month you will begin to feel warm and comfortable after doing the exercise. Years of regular practice will keep you fit and help extend you life.

2. Exercise for Curing Gastroptosis

Lie down on your back with your knees bent at about 115o , both feet lightly propped against the back of the bed , buttocks raised to a height of about 5 cm, arms naturally stretched, palms down, and with pillow beneath your head (see diagram). Relax your whole body. Draw in a deep breath slowly and gently while placing your tongue on the hard palate. The exhale slowly and release your tongue. Close your eyes and direct your attentin to dantian.

The exercise should be done three or four times a day, each ession lasting 30 to 60 minutes . Eat a proper diet of easily digestible food with more meals a day and less at each meal.

3. Ear Exercise for Curing Chronic Otitis Media

a) Clean your ears with cotton swabs before beginning.

b) You may either sit or stand when doing the exercise. In any case you must remain calm and relaxed. Put your palms over your ears and rub them in a circular movement 100 times. The rubbing should be forceful enough to produce a sensation of heat in your ears. Leave some space between the palm and the meatus lest the pressure of the palm should damage your ear.

c) With a rubbing motion of the palm , fold the auricle of each ear over the meatus and hold it there with the part of the palm near the base of the fingers. Then place the forefinger over the middle finger and snap it down on the mastoid bone behind the ear. Repeat this 100 times.

d) Do the exercise once every morning. Generally it will take effect in a week's time, but continued practice will increase the benefits.

4. Teeth Clenching Exercise

Holding your breath and clenching your teeth while urinating will help to keep your teeth firm and healthy and also help to strengthen your kidneys and add to your vital energy.

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