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Nan Quan (Southern-style Chuan)

Nan Quan or the southern-style Chuan is widely practised in south China. It evolved during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and has many different styles. Among the famous are the five major styles: the Hong-family, Cat-family, Liu-family, Li-family, and Mo-family Chuan. Dozens of other less-known ones include the five-ancestor Chuan and black tiger Chuan.

Nan Quan emphasizes squatting stances with a low center of gravity and steady footwork. Its fist blows are forceful. It is characterized by combinations of short moves with few jumps. Power is generated through breathing and sound articulation. Because southern- style boxers keep their elbows and arms stiff and strong, their movements are alive with combating tricks.

Thanks to its forcefullness and strength, Nan Quan has been a hit with youth and it is now one of the major events in Wushu competitions.

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