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Group Practice of Kungfu

Group practice is a collective event in which a group of people practise together bare handed or with weapons. Group practice was listed as one of the Wushu competitions after the founding of New China. In group practice, all practitioners are required to do exercises according to a prescribed pattern and follow every movement as closely as possible to the accompaniment of music. The exercises include demonstrations of footwork, leg techniques, movements of the body, hand techniques, jumps and leaps as demanded in the Wushu arts .

Group practices are highly disciplined exercises, which call for high concentration, skillfulness and close cooperation on the part of every participant. The group performances are often grandiose, impressive and captivating. Delight and pleasantness are added to by merry and rhythmic melodies of characteristic Chinese classical and folk music as well as by appropriate costumes. Fashionable group practices include bare hand exercise, sword play, sabre play, nine-section cudgel play, two-prong spear play, etc.

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