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Ditang Quan (Ground Tumbling Chuan)

Ditang Quan or the ground tumbling Chuan is also called ground skill Chuan. It is said to have originated in the Southern Song Dynasty (1129-1279) and was first practised in Shandong Province from where it spread to other parts of the country. After the founding of People's Republic of China, it was included in the martial arts competition programs.

Ditang Quan has absorbed the tumbles, falls, turns, somersaults and aerial acrobatics of the drunkard Chuan, monkey Chuan and other Chuan styles, developing into a routine of beautiful and delicate moves and actions. Ground tumbling boxers can jump high and perform extremely difficult tricks.

Attacking blows, hidden in the movements of tumbling, falling, turning and somersaulting are a major feature of this style. Tumbles and falls are used to confuse and mislead the opponent into the trap and to launch attacks. With the upper limbs, they charge, push, rake, rub, hammer, pick and upswing while they use the lower limbs to kick, stamp, swing, flick, hook, hitch, and high kick. Besides jumping, shunning, extending and retreating, ground tumbling boxers also emphasize grabbing, crushing, wrestling, wringing, turning and coiling.

During execution of the ground tumbling Chuan, dangerous moves follow in quick succession creating an exciting spectacle for viewers. At the same time the delicacy, agility and boldness of the movements is aesthetically pleasing.

However, the ground tumbling Chuan is not just an artistic display. It is a fist play with attacks and defences ingeniously mixed with difficult, delicate and beautiful actions.

It not only trains people in self-defence skills but it can also keep people fit and exercise their will power. Persistent practice can strengthen the functions of human bones, ligaments, muscles and internal organs, so preparing people to soak up the impact of outside forces and blows. It is an excellent form of health-preserving exercise.

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