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The Wedding of Russian

Value Dowry

Russian ethnic minority strictly forbids marriages between close relatives such as cousins but does not limit marriages with other brotherly minorities. Marriages mainly depend on free love. Although there are arranged marriages, they do not occupy the dominant position. In the past, matchmaker and engagement ceremony were essential. When someone acted as a matchmaker, he or she had to take salty bread to the young lady's house. If the young lady and her parents agreed the match, she would cut the bread into several pieces and invite everybody to share it. Then the young man's family held a simple engagement ceremony to fix a marriage date.

Russian ethnic minority has a good tradition, i.e. betrothal gifts are not necessary. The bridegroom's family only need to prepare some necessities for marriage. The two sides afford the expenses of wedding ceremony respectively. However, the bride's parents pay much attention to dowry, for they hope to send as good trousseau as possible so that the groom's family will not laugh at that.

Church Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is usually very grand. Since most people of Russian ethnic minority believe in Eastern Orthodox, wedding ceremonies in places with churches should be held in a church. On the day, the bridegroom should go in a carriage or walk to the bride's home to escort her to the wedding. The bride must kneel on a fur-lined coat spreading on the floor (indicating prosperous life after the marriage) and accept her parents' blessing before she sets off to the church. After the party arrives to escort the bride to the wedding, the bride's family will entertain them with some candies and food. Everybody sits around the table and has dinner together while singing an upbeat wedding ceremony song.

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