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Axi People: Enjoy a Simple Marriage

On the spectacular Hulun Buir Grassland --, the birthplace of Mongolians --,, lives the most ancient branch of the Mongolian group- -- the Barag Tribe, which appeared in many historical materials prior to Mongolia's the unification of Mongolia.

Academicians differ in have varied opinions in regards to the historical origin of the "Barag people". Some believe they were originated from the east of Baykal River, while others believe they originated ; some from Heilongjiang River . Still a third group feels they came and others from the Kerulun River.

As to the origin of the name "Barag", there is no agreement on this by expertshas been reached in the academic circles, either. Some scholars think it has something to do with a Shamanism myth, in which the wordk "Barag" appeared, and some believed it is related with a Tujue (an ethnic minority in ancient north China) word "Bayiergu", which means "happy or well-off people" in Turki (the language of Tujue ethnic group). A third opinion is that the word is created byis a product of the people living in the east of Baykal Lake.

These varied opinions lead help make the Barag people, with its special historical legacies and ethnic traditions, to be the most unique branch of all of the Mongolian groups, with their characteristics on historical legacies and ethnic traditions.

Today, we will take a glimpse into the unique culture, art and dressing code of this special Mongolian group through a wedding ceremony, which people say is the most effective and efficient way to know an ethnic minority group.

By the side of the beautiful Hohonursz Lake, Meng Ke, a handsome lad Meng Ke and Nuo Min, a lovely girl, Nuo Min who faell in love with each other by the side of the beautiful ?Hohonursz?right spelling? Lake, and have been dating for a long time. Since they are faithful believers of free love, they are preparing getting ready to get married without following abiding by the ancient Brag engagement customs.

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