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The Wedding of Daur

According to Daur's custom, the fiancée's side has to send betrothal gifts on a luck day set beforehand. Betrothal gifts include pork, wine, cakes and so on, which are generally sent by the fiancé and a senior accompany to the bride's house. On that day, the fiancé's family will arrange a special dinner to treat the guests and their family members.

At the dinner, the fiancé toasts and kowtows to the fiancée's parents and other seniority to officially confirm the marriage, while old people present a red paper bag of reward with money in it as a gift to the future son-in-law. The two parties also offer traditional congratulations to each other at the dinner.

During the wedding ceremony, the party accompanying the bride includes groomsmen, bridesmaids and the bride's younger brothers and cousins. When they arrive at the bridegroom's house, the bridegroom's family has to take special care of these respected guests. Before they enter the door, the bridegroom's family should first toast a cup of wine; after they enter the house, a welcoming dinner will be arranged. The family entertains the accompanying party with great hospitality.

However, groomsmen usually go out of the way to be picky, while the bride's younger brothers and cousins steal goblets, chopsticks, bowls and plates to make game of their brother-in-law and his accompanying guests.

The following day, the party accompanying the bride leaves for home. They wait for their chance to steal several goblets, bowls and plates, and are not willing to return them until the bridegroom pulls up to them with some wine.

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