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Famous Teahouses in modern Beijing

Savoring tea is an absolute enjoyment. In recent years, teahouses have sprung up in Beijing and have attracted an increasing number of customers with their exquisite tea wares, pleasant surroundings, and fabulous tea ceremony shows. While indulging in the joy brought on by the color, fragrance, and taste of tea, one may also feel submersed in the traditions of Chinese tea culture.

Lao She Teahouse

Established in 1988, the Lao She Teahouse is named after the famous Chinese author, Lao She, and is a traditional teahouse that is characteristically old Beijing. Located at Qianmen West Street, where many time-honored shops and restaurants stand, it is endowed with a touch of antiquity. When one enters the teahouse, couplets of traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy come into view. Palace lanterns are hung from the ceiling, and old-styled Baxian tables (square tables for eight people) can be found.

At Lao She Teahouse, not only can the customers enjoy top quality tea, but also can have a taste of the local flavor of old Beijing, experiencing one of the pastimes enjoyed by old Beijingers. Traditional snacks served at Lao She Teahouse include: sweet biscuits, sweet dough twists, crispy fried noodles, sweet ears, sugared glutinous rice cakes, and other delicious treats. There are altogether over 20 different types of snack for people to savor and enjoy. The teahouse also offers a variety of performances such as tea ceremonies, Beijing opera, acrobatics , and magic shows.

Wufu Teahouse

The Wufu (Five Happiness) Teahouse is the largest teashop in nowadays Beijing. Since its establishment in 1994, it has opened 12 chain stores, with every store having a tranquil setting, the aroma of tea, and the melodious music being played on traditional stringed and woodwind instruments, all of which charms anyone walking through the doors.

At Wufu, customers can taste various famous teas from around China. The tea is usually infused with purified water in purple-sand teapots, a kind of teapot unique to China. While savoring tea, customers can also enjoy tea ceremony performances and the making of purple-sand teapots.

Wufu's chain stores are situated in different areas around Beijing, including Fuwai Street in the Xicheng District, Xueyuan South Road in the Haidian District, and Jianguomennei Street in the Dongcheng District. Opening hours are between 12:00 at noon to 2:00a.m.

Mingren Teahouse

The Mingren Teahouse, set up in 1997, has opened seven chain stores in Yuetan, Guanyuan, Chongwenmen, Hepingli, and other places in Beijing. The teahouse features quiet and elegant surroundings composed of miniature ponds and bridges, birds, fish, chessboards, paintings, and traditional Chinese stringed and woodwind instruments. Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, Mingren provides a locale for family gatherings, friendly chats, and business talks. 

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