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Jiedexiu: Homeland of Tibetan Pulu Fabrics

"Pulu", or Tibetan woolen fabrics, are as important and popular among Tibetans as cotton clothes are to inland Chinese. This type of richly textured cloth originated in Jiedexiu, a small town in Gongashan County of southern Tibet. Here, the rhythmic sound of pulu weaving, which has echoed throughout the land since ancient times, can still be heard along the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River .

When I was young, I often saw people from the countryside selling delicately made pulu in the market in front of my home. Those beautiful, elegant pulu clothes were displayed on the ground at the market and always drew the attention of passersby. I recall that my mother bought some pulu clothes as my elder sister's dowry. "Look at the color and the texture. They were made in Jiedexiu," Mum said while unfolding them for us to see. I couldn't help touching the cloth, but Mum brushed my hand away, saying, "Don't touch!" I can still remember the way she was holding the pulu, so reverently, as if she was holding a rare object from centuries ago. In fact, Tibetan people regard the pulu made in Jiedexie as the most treasured.

We are not lacking for beauty in our life, but we seldom try to find it. We have appreciated beautiful things for hundreds of years and handed them down for generations. Actually, the more indigenous characteristics an object of beauty possesses, the more international interest it will attract. But when deprived of the soil and climate where precious traditional cultures and arts are nurtured, they can barely exist let alone prosper. Even though exposed to the impact of market economy and modern living styles, pulu production continues unabated, trying to integrate with the ever-changing society.

Once in Jiedexie, you will find its charm lies in its pacific atmosphere. In weaving pulu fabrics, Tibetan people demonstrate their centuries-old pursuit of beauty. And through their nimble fingers, unknown artisans who have spent their entire lives in this quiet town reveal their dreams. Against the background of quiet sky and sunshine, and the area's brilliant colors and light, artisans weave their innermost feelings onto the colorful fabrics. They are calm and contented people. Every pulu product embodies an artisan's tranquil life and the feelings of Tibetan people for their lifestyle and traditions. As you walk through the town, you will hear the crunch of your shoes on the pebbled path. And when you look at the pulu fabrics that are vital to every Tibetan, the history of the land resonates, and the gentle spirit of the pulu weavers touches you. A person who spends a lifetime in Jiedexie must know the true meaning of serenity.

For hundreds of years, the peace-loving, life- affirming Tibetan people have woven their understanding of the world into every pulu product. All of the patterns, stitching and colors symbolize their pursuit of a better life. On their looms, they quietly weave the dreams deep in their hearts. 

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