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Costume in the Western Zhou Dynasty

The establishment of the Western Zhou Dynasty (c.1100-c.771BC) highly improved the social productivity, so materials obviously became more, social order was regulated by rules and regulations. Because of the existence of hierarchical system and the requirements of rites and morality, the code of dress and personal adornments was further standardized.

The special restrictions and rank symbols of dress and personal adornment began to be clear at that time, and types and varieties of garments increased correspondingly. In addition to the style of broad upper garments and long ribbons, the garments of the Western Dynasty also adopted the colors and designs of the Xianbei ethnic minority (today's Xibe ethnic minority) in northern China. This design used a belt hook to girdle the waist, and wearers used exquisite hooks or buckles made of gold, silver, copper or iron at the joint of ribbons. 

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