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Costume in the Qin Dynasty

Due to the unification China, dressing styles in the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC) and Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) were somewhat consistent. However, as the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was in power for too short a period, the dress code was just primarily established with only the colors of costume being unified. Black was the worshipful color during the Qin Dynasty and was a fashionable color for costume of the time.

Armors for common soldiers in the Qin Dynasty had the following features: as to all armor shards on chest, upper shard partially covered the lower one; as to all armor shards on belly, lower shard partially covered the upper one. This was to facilitate movements. There were shard nails (no more than six) on every shard. The front and back armors had the same length and the lower hem was generally circular.

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