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The Five Types of Tiger

METAL TIGER - 1890, 1950, 2010

This is definitely not a reticent type of Tiger. The Metal Tiger is bound to be active, aggressive and passionate. He may or may not be artistic but he will certainly see to it that he projects a glamorous image and personality that will not go unnoticed. Self-centered and ostentatious, he is a competitive and untiring worker when motivated in the right way.

He will approach his problems in a direct or even a radical way and is never in doubt about what he wants to accomplish. The problem is that he wants too much and too soon. He tends to be overoptimistic about expected results.

When Metal is combined with his native lunar sign, it could produce a Tiger who can be sudden, unorthodox and drastic in his actions. He is a person who is constant only to himself and his desires, even if he has to step on a few toes along the way. This particular Tiger is easily stirred by both good and bad influences and will tend to act independently, as he hates having his freedom curtailed.

WATER TIGER - 1902, 1962, 2022

This type is an open-minded Tiger who is always inclined toward new ideas and experiences. He also has a gift for seeing things objectively, because the Water element combined with his lunar sign gives him a calmer nature. He is humane and an excellent judge of the truth, as he can relate to the way others feel. He is intuitive and has a well-developed faculty for communicating with people.

This more realistic type of Tiger has his finger on the pulse of the people and knows the things he deals with. He makes few errors in his assessments. His mental abilities are above par, but like all Tigers, he sometimes waste precious time procrastinating. Still, he is rated as less temperamental than the other Tigers, as he can control his emotional urges and concent mouse on his endeavors.

WOOD TIGER - 1914, 1974, 2034

This is a tolerant type of Tiger who evaluates situations in a practical and impartial light. He is democratic in his views and understands the importance of enlisting others' co-operation in order to advance more rapidly. He will attract a lot of friends and supporters, as he can mingle with people from all walks of life.

The Wood element gives him a more even and affable disposition, and his charming, innovative personality is very conducive to group efforts. He is sought after in polite society, and has the knack of bringing incongruous people together. But mostly his loyalty is to himself. No one is indispensable to him. If you quit the club, well, he will wish you good luck and waste no time replacing you.

The Wood Tiger is also inclined to be the least penetrating of the Tigers. He may prefer to scan the surface of things and maintain only the semblance of order. Actually, he lacks depth and permanent control. Adept at delegating chores and skillful at commanding and manipulating people into performing for him, he will take on a minimum amount of responsibility. As his lunar sign is not blessed with any great ability for self-discipline, he should not embark on more than he can handle. But it will be hard for him to admit his limitations, and Tigers of all colors do not take readily to criticism, no matter how constructive or kindly given.

FIRE TIGER - 1866, 1926, 1986

This type of Tiger finds it difficult to contain his enthusiasm and boundless energy. He is always ready for action and for going from one place to another. Transient by nature, he is most concerned with the present. He is independent and unconventional, and his moves are hard to predict. The only thing one can be sure of is that when he acts, he will be dramatic and influential. Fire makes him even more expressive than he already is. This Tiger never fails to impress anyone he is after or to transmit his electric vitality to any project he decides to undertake.

He seeks constantly to convert his nervous energy and inspirations into forceful action. At times, he is downright theatrical. Generous to the hilt, he will also display more leadership qualities than Tigers of the other elements. To him, everything he does is worthwhile and imperative, so don't try to tell him otherwise. He is a thoroughly optimistic soul and has no use for doomsday prophets.

Brilliantly commanding, imposing and open, the Fire Tiger is sensual and finds it hard ever to be impersonal about anything in his or her life.

EARTH TIGER - 1878, 1938, 1998

This type of Tiger will possess a quieter and more responsible personality. He will look for feasibility in what he does; he will not jump to hasty conclusions and upholds equality and justice. Concerned about others and given to uncovering the truth himself, he is a mature and sensible in outlook.

This Tiger will be steadier than other Tigers as the Earth element gives him a longer attention span; this enables him to work diligently and objectively on important matters without getting restless. Although he may not be as brilliant and decisive as other Tigers, he is generally clear-headed and reasonable. He sees issues in their true light and rarely allows his emotions to cloud his vision.

He is also the type of Tiger most apt to form relationships on the basis of usefulness rather than personal or sexual attraction. He is an intellectual and more of a worrier than a daredevil. He applies his knowledge and capabilities to areas with which he is familiar and which will reap the largest harvest.

Sometimes he can become too proud, insensitive and callous, especially when he is so wrapped up with his own concerns that he cannot identify with anything outside the scope of his objectives.

The Earth Tiger is the least likely to go to the bohemian life, no matter what he may like others to believe. First, he will make it to the top. Then, when he has proven to society and the world that he has the ability and the genius, he may act in a radical, scandalous or unconventional way, just to be different or to be noticed, as all Tigers love to be. Nonetheless, he will always be serious about his work, as his native element makes him desirous of status and recognition through stability and labor.

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