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Year of the Snake

A year for reflection, planning and searching answers. A good time for shrewd dealings, political affairs and coups d'etat. People will be more likely to scheme and ponder over matters before acting on them. An auspicious year for commerce and industry.

Solutions and compromises can be arrived at, but not without some mutual distrust at first. The Snake likes to resolve his differences one way or another. If he fails and things cannot be peacefully settlked, then he will declare war.

Looking back into history, we find that the year of the Snake has nevever been tranquil. Perhaps this is becuase it is the strongest negative force in the cycle and it follows the Dragon year, which is the strongest positive one. Many disasters which had their beginning in the year of the Dragon tend to culminate in the year of the Snake. These two signs are very closely related and the calamities of the Snake yearsoften resulted from excesses committed during the Dragon's reign.

This will be a lively time for romance, courtship and scandals of all osrts. A good year to pursue the arts. Fashion will become more elegant and fluid; music and the theater will blossom; and people will strive for a more sophisticated life. Notable contributions will also be made by science and technology.

The venerable wisdom of the Snake will be evident in many facets of our life, particularly in those requiring decisions. Although everything may look refreshingly quiet ont he surface, the year of the Snake is always unpredictable. The Snake's cool and collected front hides the deep and mysterious ways of his nature. It should be noted that once the Snake uncoils to strike, he moves like lightning and nothing can stop him. Similarly, changes that occur during the Snake's year can be as sudden and devastating.

Tread lightly and be more cautious this year. Gambling and speculation is strictly taboo. The consequences will be overwhelming. The Snake is not merciful.

Whatever else happens, the Snkae will give us faith in our convictions and oerce us to act and to act forcefully during his reign. This is not a year for fence-sitters.

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