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The Five Types of Snake

METAL SNAKE - 1881, 1941, 2001

This type of Snake will be gifted with a calculating, intelligent mind and forceful willpower. Armed with discriminating tastes and a keen eye for locating opportunity, this Snake person can be a scheming loner. He likes to move quickly and quietly. He will establish himself in a solid position before you have a chance to stop him.

Metal combined with his native sign will make him crave luxury and easy living. Thus, he will devote himself to the pursuit of wealth and power. His vision is clear and farsighted and he will aspire to the best of everything.

The Metal Snake is also by far the most secretive, evasive and overconfident. Consequently, he often suspects others of hidden motives - sometimes to the point of paranoia.

In spite of his ability to wield power and influence, this Snake will have an envious steak in him and will try constantly to outdo the opposition, either by fair means or foul. He finds it hard to accept defeat or failure.

Possessive, domineering and, at times, strangely uncommunicative, he will mark out his path early in life and stick to it with dedication. He can be generous and cooperative with others, but always in a guarded sort of way.

WATER SNAKE - 1893, 1953, 2013

Just as water seeps through practically any barrier, so will a Snake born in its year wield encompassing influence through his profound insight.

This unassailable Snake is gifted with strong charisma and an inquisitive nature. Shrewd, business-minded and materialistic, the Water Snake possesses great mental abilities and powers of concentration. He can block out distraction, and brush aside unimportant issues for effective overall planning. He never loses sight of his goals or gets out of touch with reality.

Artistic and well-read, the intellectual Water Snake is also practical. He is adept at managing people as well as finances. While he may assume an unperturbed appearance, in actuality this particular Snake person has a long memory and harbors lifetime grudges. He could have the patience of Job combined with the bite of a King Cobra.

WOOD SNAKE - 1905, 1965, 2025

An earnest Snake with kindly wisdom and a prophetic understanding of what is going to prevail in the course of events, especially in history.

He has a need for complete intellectual freedom, but in his affections he will be constant and enduring. He seeks emotional stability as well as financial security. This type of Snake will express himself well and could be an eloquent speaker.
The Wood element in conjunction with his fixed element of positive Fire will make him very interesting. He will shine like a beacon light, attracting instead of pursuing the objects and people he desires.

He will have expensive habits and could be vain about his personal appearance. Because he craves admiration and public approval, he will do his utmost to achieve lasting and large-scale success.

The Wood Snake is well-informed but he gathers knowledge not for its own sake but to put such information to everyday use. Good judgement, discretion and a sharp sense of values will make him a superb investor and appreciator of the fine things in life. Here is an amenable Snake who will be very close to art, music, the theater and the beauty of the Earth.

FIRE SNAKE - 1857, 1917, 1977

An intense and masterful Snake. Active in mind and body, he performs energetically. Fire added to the already imposing Snake personality can give him great public appeal and charisma. He exudes confidence and the ability to lead. People will vote for this type of person if he chooses to go into politics.

Although he may hold open forums to solicit or assess the views of the majority, the Fire Snake is terribly suspicious by nature and has total faith only in himself. He is too quick to censure and to condemn. Sometimes he insulates himself with a closed circle of friends and advisors, thereby isolating himself without knowing it. His strong, almost maniacal desire for fame, money and power will make him insist on concrete results. Persevering and uncompromising, he sets his sights on the highest goals and once he gets to the top, he will cling to power indefinitely.

The Fire Snake is the most sensual, fervent and jealous kind of Snake. He will display excessive love or hate and be very preoccupied with himself.

EARTH SNAKE - 1869, 1929, 1989

The warm and spontaneous variety of Snake who will form slow but correct opinions of people. More principled, persistent and reliable, the Earth Snake will be able to communicate with the public and function effectively in group activities.

Armed with a peripheral vision and basic Snake ambition, he can take control and bridge gaps during times of confusion and panic. He or she will not be easy to intimidate and may refuse to be influenced by the crowd. This Snake reserves the right to pass his own judgement.

By and large, this will be the most graceful and enchanting of all the Snakes. Cool, collected and immensely charming, he will be loyal to friends and have an army of supporters.

Conservative and frugal with money, the hard-working and systematic Earth Snake will succeed in banking, insurance and real estate investments and can reconcile his needs with his resources. Here is a Snake who knows his limits and who will be careful not to overextend himself.

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