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The Snake Child

The Snake child is a complex personality. Quiet, alert and intelligent, he will have a serious nature and is inclined to be particular. Being the worrying type, he will take on a pensive outlook on life. He is studious and hard working in school and likely to be the teacher's pet. Do not spoil him; the Snake child will be all too aware of his charms. He can be sulky, vindictive and temperamental when not given his way.

Although secretive and brooding by nature, this child will be able to discipline himself. He makes up his mind easily about what he wants and will be very practical in setting his goals. You won't find him reaching for something he knows is unattainable. Persistent, realistic and unrelenting, he will stick to a task until he masters it.

Besides his natural aptitude for learning and a high I.Q., this child has the ability to keep his own counsel. He will not interfere with others and would prefer others to mind their own business, too. Careful and attentive, he knows how to keep himself out of trouble. HE may not be very outgoing but he makes long and lasting friendships.

A capable and meticulous planner, this child excels as a lader, as he will use his powers wisely and fairly. Other children will look up to him and support him. However, he could have ulterior motives for some of his actions. He is so intent on being first that he may not care what he has to do in order to be No. 1

His many talents and natural abilities will make him vastly sough after but he will also be the object of jealousy and vicious lies. He must learn to live with criticism and to bear the risks of being among the elite.

His reticent character makes him hide his pain; he is likely to hold grudges for a long time. He is often misunderstood because he refuses or fails to explain himself properly. His lines of communication with others are sometimes poorly connected.

Whatever happens, the Snake child will always strike out for himself. In life, he will know precisely how to use people and situations to his best advantage. There will be no holding him back; he is destined for fame and fortune.

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