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The Sheep/Goat Child

The gentle Sheep child will be a treasure to his parents. He will love being cuddled, fussed over, petted and thoroughly spoiled. A sensitive artist and lover of beauty, he will appreciate music, poetry, sweet-smelling soap for his bath and all sorts of delicate trimmings that stimulate his fine senses. Ultradependent, he won't like to do anything for himself-- if he can help it. Warm, soft, vulnerable and submissive, he likes being catered to.

Like little Linus in the Peanuts comic strip, he is most likely to cling to his old woolen blanket or, in case of a girl, her worn-out rag doll. He hates being teased and if strongly criticized or embarrassed in school, he may not want to return for many days. He will seek out more dominant youngsters to take him under their wings. When he is feeling down, he will need loads and loads of sympathy to pep him up. His fertile imagination and morbid fears can actually make him ill. He can be easily influenced or adversely affected and will positively drown you with his sorrows when he is in a melancholy mood.

When ridiculed or rejected, he can withdraw into a magical world of his own and it will be difficult to lure him out. Food and comfort represent love and security to him. The Sheep will be in no hurry to leave home if he is loved and well cared for. When he does decide to set up housekeeping on his own, you can be sure he will do it with exquisite taste. He loves getting dressed up and has a flair for arranging things. Fickle-minded, inconsistent and trivial at times, he makes up for it by being extremely creative, modest and patient. He is very compassionate about the sorrows of others; when he is fond of someone, his love and generosity know no bounds. It will be rewarding to care for him as he will repay your affections a hundredfold. It will be impossible to be cross with him for long. He may have his flaws, but he is still a jewel of the highest quality.

Don't be afraid of leading him by the hand or helping him make decisions. He will never get enough reassurance and, as a master of fact, he may seek his parents' advice or approval on everything he does.

Don't try to wipe the fairy dust off his eyes; or change him, mend him or rearrange him into sterner stuff. It will be useless, as the Sheep will always see life and the world through rose-colored glasses.

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