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The Five Types of Rooster

METAL ROOSTER - 1861, 1921, 1981

A practical, exacting and industrious type of Rooster with a flair for captivating others with his brilliant powers of deduction. Investigative, optimistic and idealistic, he will have a passionate attitude toward work.

Metal will make him opinionated and headstrong and he will have a strong need for importance and fame. He could be fastidious about his self-conceived image and cannot subscribe to the viewpoints of others readily. He has the gift of oratory, which he may use to drown out the voices of his opponents. Although he is factual and reasonable, he finds it hard to be totally impartial when his ego is directly challenged.

If he cannot relate well to others or make real efforts to compromise, his talents could be wasted and his genius will go a-begging. Overrationalizing and analyzing could be disastrous. When he is negative, he will even subject a blooming romance to a routine clinical examination. He should curb his urge to overkill.

The Metal Rooster could be inhibited with his emotions despite his outward bravado. He will insist on order in his life and will demand hygienic conditions or even sterile cleanliness in his surroundings.

But while this acquisitive Rooster is attracted to material wealth, he will also be concerned about social reforms. He will feel committed to extend his services and know-how to all humanity and will find fulfillment in solving social problems or instigating reforms for the advancement of mankind.

WATER ROOSTER - 1873, 1933, 1993

This is the intellectual type of Rooster who will employ cultural pursuits. He has tremendous energy and initiative at his disposal and will seek to use his resources or enlist the help of others to speed up progress.

With Water as his element, he will be given to clear thinking and practicality. You can reason with him, as he will be compliant when faced with insurmountable odds. He is not as austere or self-sacrificing as other Roosters.

Proficient in the use of the written word and a commanding speaker, the Water Rooster can sway the masses and incite willing action from others. He will have strong scientific leanings and will be interested in health, medicine and technology. His mind functions with computerlike efficiency and thus he could lose sight of the main issues when he overstresses details. Systems and procedures fascinate him and when he is obsessed with perfection he could be bureaucratic and trivial.

WOOD ROOSTER - 1885, 1945, 2005

An expansive type of Rooster who can be more considerate of others and have a wider outlook on life. Although he is much less stubborn and opinionated, he still has the tendency to complicate matters and get caught in a maze of his own making. He should learn to contain his enthusiasm and to avoid overexerting himself and expecting everyone else to have the same stamina and devotion that he has. No matter how well meaning his intentions may be, prescribing unrelieved clockwork and regimentation may drive his subordinates crazy.

Wood makes him progress-oriented, and when Wood is matched with his virtuous qualities of honesty and integrity, he will excel in his performance and his charts and graphs will amaze everyone.

Open-minded, fair and sociable, he can give unselfishly of himself to the welfare of others. He will seek to contribute to or improve existing social conditions. Desirous of congeniality, he will seek close association with the people he works with and will have excellent record of reliability. Still, he will be basically a Rooster and he will not water down his biting comments when inflamed and will always work to protect his security. Life will be a dream for him if he does not take on too many high-flying projects all at the same time.

FIRE ROOSTER - 1897, 1957, 2017

Possibly a shooting star. With Fire as his element, this Rooster will be vigorous, highly motivated and authoritative. He will be able to operate independently and with great precision and skill, although he could also be temperamental, overdramatic and nervous at times.

Strongly principled and single-minded in his pursuit of success, he will display above-average managerial abilities and leadership. The diligent and intense Fire Rooster will abide fanatically by his own views and conduct his own fact-finding tours and feasibility studies. He will be unmoved and unswayed by the feelings or personal opinions of others, but he will be professional and ethical in his dealings.

At times, he is too inflexible to make workable compromises and will take to putting people and situations under a microscope for observation. If things do not measure up to his expectations, he could assume the role of an Inquisitor or cause major upheavals.

Yet he does have organization talents and in spite of his other shortcomings, this type of Rooster will have the noblest intentions behind his actions. He could project a stimulating and dynamic public image.

EARTH ROOSTER - 1859, 1919, 1979

A studious, analytical and probing Rooster who will dig for the truth, mature early and compile his own irrefutable information. Earth ensures that he will be accurate, efficient and careful in carrying out assignments. He will know how to brush aside the trimmings and view the hard, cold facts for himself. With him, you will get the bottom line first.

Unafraid of shouldering vast responsibilities, he will still cling to his Rooster's reputation for not mincing words. He is unpretentious and dogmatic and will have strong missionary tendencies. He loves conducting sermon-on-the-mount sort of meetings, exhorting everyone to work harder and follow his shining example. He can lead a simple and austere existence when he finds his job rewarding. Fanatically systematic, he will keep notes, file data and record everything he does for posterity.

A hard taskmaster, strict educator and much dreaded critic, the Earth Rooster will sow and reap from dawn to sundown and have bushels and bushels of success to show for his effort if he can bring himself to be practical in his aspirations.

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