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The Rooster Child

As a child the Rooster-born will be a self-starter. A good student, fast learner and industrious little soul, he or she will be forever poking around for answers. You can rely on him to pursue his studies, or anything else that attracts him, with self-generated zeal. It will be a joy to teach him, as he is sharp, intelligent and precise. He will have all the tendencies of a bookworm.

The Rooster child will be neat and orderly. He will do things in the proper sequence and is a creature of meticulous and exacting habits that will sometimes really annoy you. He won't be reticent about his opinions either--more of a wise guy around the house. Tough and well-disciplined, he will save the most pocket money among the children. He could be petty about minute discrepancies and will plan the simplest routine with military precision.

This child will probably be the most discriminating critic you can find for miles around. Be glad, even if it hurts to have your ego dented so often. This is because the Rooster is pure-minded and hates hypocrisy. His criticism and clinical observations will just be factual statements and he has no intention of offending you personally. Sometimes he is really astonished why you should get angry when he is trying so hard to point out all the relevant flaws to you. Then again, he really couldn't care less what others think of him. He has to speak his mind as his is a true independent spirit.

The Rooster child will be very demanding of his parents, but in turn he will be just as dependable when called upon to do his part. Not one to cry for help, he will detest weakness and dependency in others. If you are slipping, he will be the first to notice and call it up to your attention. He can't he;p it as this is just part of his nature. He tends to be bossy, too, so if you are not careful, your little child will soon be running your life.

Optimistic and dauntless, the Rooster will never change his course of action even if the whole world condemns him. You may have to watch helplessly as he rushes headlong off a cliff, as he won't take any advice once he has made up his mind. Just keep praying that some of his wild idealistic schemes work. He is never too practical when it comes to his own life. But one day, who knows, his unheard-of ventures may hit it big. Many millionaires were born in the year of the Rooster and they all have one other thing in common besides money--they were all eccentric.

What is more enervating is the fact that he will be completely blind to his own faults. Don't bother to debate with him; it will be a waste of time as he never admits he is wrong. His is the right way and no Buts about it!.

In short, the high-powered and resplendent Rooster will have many splendid talents (which no doubt he will carefully enumerate to you), but he carries with him a whole bag of idiosyncrasies, too. He will never take the middle of the road. With him, you either sink or swim. His simple " love me or leave " attitude means that if you wish to support him--you must be prepare to go all the way.

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