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The Five Types of Rabbit

METAL RABBIT - 1891, 1951, 2011

This type of Rabbit could be sturdier physically and mentally than Rabbits belonging to other elements. He will not be as compromising either. He has unshakable faith in his own powers of observation and deduction and more often than not he is convinced he has the right answer and solutions to his problems. He can assume responsibility admirably well and will display a good deal of initiative in his work.

Metal matched with his animal sign will make him more preoccupied with his desires, goals and creative urges. He will be more cunning, but his ambitiousness will be carefully concealed with cool logic and intelligence.

A connoisseur par excellence, he will know how to live and will savor the good things life has to offer in a refined way. While he may be indifferent to the opinions of others, he is emotionally and physically moved by good art, music and other forms of beauty. His basic self-assurance and discerning eye will make him an excellent judge of any kind of creative art forms; he may become a collector of great distinction, if he has the means, because of his impeccable taste. Whatever career he chooses he will make his mark early as he is naturally a thorough and devoted worker.

But like all true romantic spirits, this type of Rabbit could be inclined to dark moods, and works well only when he is sufficiently inspired. Ardent in love and with great depth and foresight, still he will allow only a handful of people into the inner sanctum of his life because of his many hidden inhibitions.

WATER RABBIT - 1903, 1963, 2023

This is a meditative type of Rabbit with fragile and emotional nature. He cannot bear harassment or any other unpleasantness, such as dissent and bickering. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he is too emphatic and can pick up the thoughts and feelings of others with uncanny accuracy.

He will possess an excellent memory and may have the kind of mental power that, without his knowing it, transmits his ideas to others. Consequently,he attracts the people he wants, and he may be surprised by the many supporters who rally to his defense when he least expects it.

However, he is a subjective soul and his perspective gets distorted by the emotional barriers he sets up. He is not very decisive and in many cases could easily fall in with the dictates of others.

His delicate sensitivity makes him dwell too much on the past and hence he is often reminiscing on long past injuries and indulging in self-pity. In his negative moods, he suspects other's motives, is uncommunicative and overimaginative. In his positive state, he could call upon all cosmic powers to come to his aid. He is never without friends and influence if he does not carry his neutrality to extremes.

WOOD RABBIT - 1915, 1975, 2035

When Wood is exalted in this lunar sign already governed by Wood, it could produce a generous and especially understanding Rabbit who will be too charitable at times for his own good. No doubt he has real and solid ambitions, but often he is intimidated by authority and may choose to ignore mistakes made in his presence in order to maintain the status quo. As a result, others are tempted to take advantage of his sympathetic and permissive attitude.

However, this type of Rabbit usually works out well. He thrives in large corporations or other institutions where he can slowly and diplomatically climb the ladder of success, one rung at a time. Group effort and togetherness appeal to him and give him the kind of security and reassurance he needs. But because of his innate desire to feel part of the group, he may become a bit too bureaucratic and hedge when he has to make a decision that might offend people or set a precedent for a controversial case. In his refusal to meddle or take sides, he may end up hurting everyone, including himself. He should be more discriminating and decisive and take the necessary steps to insulate himself against those who prey on his generous nature. As he is one who is able to bend gracefully without ever breaking, this Rabbit will have no trouble fitting in anywhere he chooses.

FIRE RABBIT - 1927, 1987, 2047

Definitely a demonstrative, fun loving and affectionate type of Rabbit. He has more strength of character than the other Rabbits. In spite of Fire making him more temperamental, he is still able to mask his emotions with charm and diplomacy.
His personality is easy and natural. People respond positively to his ideas because he expresses them so well.

Fire may make him prone to emotion and outspoken in expressing his wants. He is more capable of leadership than other Rabbits and his rule is tempered with discretion and moderation. Despite his outgoing and progressive ways, he will never approve of outright confrontation with his enemies and will prefer to use subtle plots or deal with go-betweens as natives of his sign are so adept at doing.

This type of Rabbit will have a high level of intuition and even psychic ability. He is intensely aware of changes in his surroundings and easily moved to anger, hurt or disappointment. He could also become terribly neurotic when negative. He requires approval, whole-hearted and inspiration in order to sparkle.

EARTH RABBIT - 1879, 1939, 1999

A serious and steadfast type of Rabbit, he has definite patterns of thought and is capable of well-calculated moves. He deliberates before giving in to his emotional inclinations. His balanced and rational personality wins him favor in the eyes of his superiors, as does his realistic approach to his goals.

The Earth element makes him more constant and less indulgent, although his constancy will be of a passive sort. His introverted nature causes him to turn inward when beset with problems and he must be in accord with his inner self before he acts. He never hesitates to appropriate whatever resources are available and will use them wisely.

He is materialistic sort of person, and his well-being is his prime concern, making him indifferent to the needs of others when they are not in accordance with his plans. Still, he possesses the humility to acknowledge his shortcomings and will strive to overcome them if he can.

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