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The Five Types of Pig

METAL pig - 1911, 1971, 2031

A proud passionate pig with overpowering sentiments, who values his reputation. Intense and more dominating than others, this type of pig often has excessive appetites and could lack refinement or tact.

He exerts less control over his personal life and is very sociable and extroverted. Openly demonstrative with his affections and pure-minded, he underestimates his enemies and overestimates his friends. He is not likely to be secretive and will be direct and trusting, even credulous.

Ambitious and forceful, but not always objective, the Metal pig could be a dangerous opponent, as he can be violent in expressing his anger or resentment.

This type of pig will not concede defeat graciously. He is not a quitter and can be relied on to have immense powers of endurance. An active doer blessed with great positive strength, the staunch Metal pig will have enough vigor for ten.

WATER pig - 1863, 1923, 1983

A persevering and diplomatic pig with all the qualifications of an outstanding emissary. Perceptive at discovering people's hidden desires, he will be resourceful in bargaining with his opponents. Still, Water makes him look for the best in others and he often refuses to believe their evil intents until the last moment. This type of pig has a touching faith in his beliefs and loved ones. A believer in miracles, he can be used by others if he is not careful.

The cordial, peaceful and earnest Water pig will be a great party-goer. He will stick scrupulously to the rules of the game, showing his goodwill by meeting others more than halfway.

Still true to his pig nature, he will have his basic passions and outpourings of love. When he is negative, he can be preoccupied with sex, enjoyment of rich foods, excessive drinking or indulging in other expensive luxuries at the expense of others.

WOOD pig - 1875, 1935, 1995

The Wood pig can manipulate others with expertise. Although he is interested in his personal gains, he will also be inclined to devote a lot of his time to charitable organizations and is excellent at running social functions and club activities. He loves to help all those who come in touch with him and will try his best to get along with everyone. He is a splendid promoter; thus he will be good at getting financing for his business deals.

Extremely good-hearted, he will recommend clemency even for the most unworthy and is often not choosy about whom he associates with. Consequently, his unworthy friends could dupe him or drag him down into the mud with them if he is too much in their company.

Yet he will also be rewarded for the confidence he places in people and he will assume important positions because of his gift in bringing people together.

Wood makes him expansive but still scrupulous enough to operate by accepted modes. He will seek to be connected with the right people and will undertake ambitious corporate ventures.

A persuasive talker, the Wood pig will love to entertain and set up a congenial atmosphere wherever he goes. His positive and bright ways will encourage people to support both his vices and virtues.

FIRE pig - 1887, 1947, 2007

Fire will conduct powerful and intense emotions to this courageous pig. He will display stouthearted heroism in all his endeavors and could follow his plans through with pigheaded determination.

He could reach the highest level of achievement or fall to the lowest depth of degradation, depending on which path he chooses and how tight a rein he has over his immense energy and sensuality.

The Fire pig will never fear the unknown; intrepid, optimistic and trusting in his own innate ability, he will try his luck at anything and succeed against vast odds. He is motivated by love and will try to accumulate wealth in order to provide a gracious life style for his all-important family. He doesn't mind doing favors for anyone, even strangers, and will be famous for his generous handouts to friends.

When he is in his negative state, this pig can be willful, bullying and guilt-ridden, but generally he is characterized by largesse and lack of prejudice. He will favor manufacturing or labor-oriented enterprises because he will enjoy employing a large number of people if given the opportunity.

EARTH pig - 1899, 1959, 2019

A peaceful, sensible and happy type of pig who may have enough sense to benefit himself. The Earth element makes him productive and he will like to take on financial responsibilities or related activities and plan for his own future.

Renowned for his steadiness and patience, he will tie himself mercilessly to an objective until he attains it. His willpower will enable him to endure stress and carry burdens well beyond the capacity of others.

Devoted both to work and family, the Earth pig will show a diligence and drive that will be hard to surpass. He will not be authoritarian; he will push himself but not others.

Although this person may be portly because of his fondness for food and drink, he has an ability for not worrying himself too much over his problems. His ambitions are reasonable and not above his reach. Therefore, he will find the security and material success he craves.

A kind, thoughtful friend, reliable associate and helpful employer, the Earth pig will steer clear of troubled areas and look for tranquility and domestic harmony in his life.

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