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The Pig/Boar Child

The Boar child will be self- reliant, sociable and easy to deal with. Dependable and determined, he will lead in school activities and acquire prestige by his perseverance and dedication. This youngster will be courageous in the face of great odds and he will not whimper or complain., As a matter of fact, he will be endowed with a remarkably strong body and can withstand a good deal of pain and suffering without crying.

The Boar, like the Rat, will have a hefty appetite and you won't have to force him to eat or pamper him like the Sheep child. He will work hard cheerfully and will not be easily depressed or discouraged. His placid exterior masks his passionate nature. The amorous Boar finds it difficult to be casual or detached in his affections. If he loves his parents, he will worship the very ground they walk on; if not, he will punish himself with remorse and guilt instead of blaming anyone else. He will not need as much attention as other children but he must be assured that he will have your support when he seeks it.

The Boar child has a certain individualism of his own. He will allow you to be the boss so long as you do not expect him to be your slave. His give-and-take attitude will make him popular around the neighborhood. He strives more for the fun of winning rather than for the rewards. often, he may not treasure his belongings and may give things away easily.

In spite of his excellent ability for organizing group effort, smoothing out rough edges and calming fiery natures, the Boar will have trouble taking sides, questioning other people's motives or restraining himself from indulging in his rich tastes and love of comfort on the sly.

This is one child who can take reproach with a positive frame of mind. Setbacks can instill him with renewed vigor. Whenever he instigates changes, he will always be able to convince everyone involved of their necessity. The Boar child will put all his strength, conviction and dedication behind anything he undertakes.

With his soft approach and gentle persuasiveness, the Boar can and will inspire others to do his bidding. It is he who needs more discipline if his talents are not to go to waste. He may excel at planning functions, projects and other people's activities, but he is lazy about applying the same rules to his own daily life.

Whatever he does, you will find this child constantly looking for more ways to work off his huge supply of energy. Wherever he is, you will find a lot of togetherness. He loves to seal relationships with a special glue of his own. In him, you will see unselfishness and a truly great passion for living.

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