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The Five Types of Ox

METAL OX - 1901, 1961, 2021

This type of Ox will have strong clashes of will with people, even his superiors, who do not agree with his views. He expresses himself clearly, intensely and resolutely and can never be accused of being vague about what he wants. He will stick to his guns at all cost; when necessary he can be quite eloquent - and will use all his abilities to the full when he wants to forge ahead.

He is not very affectionate by nature but could have scholarly inclinations and be a lover of classical music and art. He has a strong sense of responsibility and can be relied upon to keep his word, which shouldn't be too difficult as he or she will be a person of few words.

At times, he tends to force issues; he can become a one-man army when he is obsessed with succeeding in his objectives. He can become a fanatic about them. Tough and arrogant, he does not know the word "failure". A person of remarkable stamina, he will require little rest or diversion. He won't mind working around the clock if that is what it takes to get things done. He can be narrow-minded and vengeful when he doesn't get his way.

WATER OX - 1853, 1913, 1973

This is a more realistic than idealistic type of Ox. Patient, practical and unrelentingly ambitious, he possesses a shrewd mind mind and a keen sense of values. He puts things to their proper use and has many notable contributions to make because he knows how to bide his time and organize his activities.

This Ox will be more reasonable and flexible and is open to suggestions, although he may still not approve of change or unconventional methods being introduced into his life. But he is not as stern as other Oxen and will not be unhappy if asked to bend to the wind. He is primarily concerned about improving his status and security and will uphold law and order in everything he undertakes.

He will make his mark by working well with others and can steer his own course without any difficulty, provided he does not get too rigid or demand too much from others. He can concent mouse on more than one goal at a time and can wear out and wait out the opposition by this methodical calmness, patience and determination.

WOOD OX - 1865, 1925, 1985

This type of Ox is less rigid and at least conscious if not considerate of other people's emotions. He reacts more quickly than others of his sign and is likely to be more graceful socially. He will be admired for his integrity and ethics. He is fair and impartial although his lunar animal sign draws him towards conservatism. He understands and operates within a fixed social system and will be a much better showman than the Oxen of the other elements.

Given the chance and motivation, he will embrace new and progressive views; he is less stubborn and able to concede to majority rule.

He could climb to great heights, amassing wealth and achieving prominence, if he can succeed in founding and developing sizable industrial outfits. He has strong drive and will exploit his potentials to the maximum. He understands the importance of coexistence and will link his ambitions to a larger order of things. He is capable of teamwork and is likely to be corporate-minded.

FIRE OX - 1877, 1937, 1997

This Ox is a combustible performer and the type most drawn to power and importance. His native sense of control is reinforced but so is his strong temper. As a result, he can be more forceful and proud than the other Oxen, with the exception of the quiet Metal Ox. He is materialistic and may have a superiority complex. Consequently, he tends to eliminate persons or things he considers useless or inappropriate without attempting their true worth. He is objective and outspoken and can be too harsh to those who dare oppose him.

The Fire element here could turn his hard-working tendencies towards the military - or
even all-out war against his opponents. He tends to overestimate his abilities and may show little patience or consideration for the feelings of others. Otherwise, he is basically honest and a fair person who does not like to take advantage of others if he can avoid it. His family will benefit most from his labors as he is apt to be very protective to his loved ones and will see to it that they are always well provided for.

EARTH OX - 1889, 1949, 2009

This is an enduring although less creative type of Ox who is always faithful to his duties. He knows his limitations and realizes his imperfections quite young in life. He will shine in any career he decides to undertake as he is practical, industrious and prepared to pay the price demanded for success. He contributes his share willingly and will favor practical and worthy endeavors. He looks for security and stability and will work efficiently with these two master goals in mind.

Although he may not be sensitive or very emotional by nature, he is capable of sincere and lasting affection and will be loyal and steadfast to his loved ones and his principles.
He fights for constant advancement of his station in life and will endure difficulties and suffering without complaint. Purposeful and determined, this Ox will go far; it will be hard to push him back because he will never surrender captured ground. He may be the slowest but is the surest of all the Oxen.

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