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The Ox Child

This child will not be a crybaby. He is unusually tough and can endure hardship. A rugged individualist, he tends to begin speaking late and would rather settle arguments with his fists. Stubborn and unyilding, he can turn the house upside down when he puts him mind to it. He is not the fussy type but will be adamant about the few concessions he demands. One of them will be his privacy.

He won't resent discipline and in fact will welcome your fixing a schedule for him. He may insist on having his meals served at the same time each day but he will not be particular about food. He thrives on regularity; knowing where everything is and what is expected of him will give him a sense of security. A girl born under this sign will go for order and neatness at home.

The Ox youngster enjoys taking charge when mother or teacher is away and is stern and unsympathetic to offenders. He can and usually will give you an unbiased opinion, as he is not easily influenced or taken in by flattery. Instead of bribing or begging him to do something unpleasant, it will be more effective to simply tell him, "It is an order!" He is not argumentative by nature but you must gain his respect before he will obey you.

He relishes teaching younger children and will show remarkable patience and perseverance in waiting for what he wants. Being the strong, silent type, he may not readily reveal his feelings. He can be deeply hirt and no one may even suspect it, because the Ox child is a very private person. Although he may put up a blunt, strong-willed and loyal front, the Ox is terribly naive about the realities of life. He needs to be protected in this respect and he will rely heavily on moral support from his parents, teachers and family.

At school, he may be an exemplary student as he is not one to lock horns with the authorities. His serious and no-nonsese outlook on life makes him avoid joking or clowing around. He should be encouraged to express his emotions and develop his sense of humor.

Above all, he will be reliable and responsible. He will win the repsect of his elders as well as his peers. The Ox child will be an outstanding example of both an excellent leader and follower and perform his duties well.

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