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The Five Types of Mouse

METAL mouse - 1840, 1900, 1960

This type of mouse is most likely to be idealistic in thought, vivid in speech and actions and intensely emotional. He may cover up his feelings by presenting himself as a happy and charming personality. In reality, he is easily moved to jealousy, anger, selfishness and possessiveness.

His outlook will be based on what his senses can appreciate. He loves money but will not hoard it and won't mind spending if he can get good value and quality. He knows how to invest wisely. He will not be as romantic as the mouses of the other elements but could be sensual and moralistic at the same time.

He likes to impress and his home will be as splendidly decorated as he can afford. He loves drama and pageantry and has classic tastes. He will probably be athletically inclined. If he curbs his domineering tendencies, he will succeed in making himself known and liked by all the right people. Basically, he is a mouse who will advance himself by getting into influential circles.

WATER mouse - 1852, 1912, 1972

This type of mouse is more concerned with mental exercise, the intricacies of the thinking process. His insight is excellent and he relates well to people of all levels. He will be respected and able to promote his talents because of his accommodating and understanding nature. He is traditional and conservative in his behavior, preferring to swim with the tide rather than fight it. Still, he is calculating and shrewd. A person born under this combination will manifest all the qualities needed to wield influence in areas he deems important. He is aware of other people's likes and dislikes and knows how to please those in a position to help him. However, he may not be too discriminating and tends to speak to anyone who cares to listen. This might get him into trouble.

Drawn to the acquisition of knowledge and the written word, and being adept at putting down his thoughts on paper, this mouse will work to further his own education and will never want to stop learning.

WOOD mouse - 1864, 1924, 1984

A progressive, success-oriented and very amicable type of mouse, he will try to explore everything and will find good use for almost anything he comes across. He has a very good comprehension of how the System works, and he can make it work for himself. He is farsighted and always concerned about finding out the whys and the wherefores. Although he is egotistic, he makes himself agreeable and is quite thoughtful of others because he seeks their admiration and approval.

He has his principles and knows what he wants. He is strict with priorities, but he can be flexible in order to achieve his aims. He loves security and is always worried about his future, which is one reason why he works so hard.

Outwardly, he exudes self-confidence and know-how and is probably very professional about what he does and a good talker. He can promote ideas and projects capably and will have little difficulties in drumming up support for his ventures.

FIRE mouse - 1876, 1936, 1996

This is a chivalrous and dynamic mouse who loves getting involved in all sorts of activities and never tires of embarking on new campaigns for justice and a better deal. He is open and aggressive by nature but could also be a more generous type of mouse.

Although he is energetic and idealistic, he lacks a sense of diplomacy and may be too blunt at times to win the support he requires. A not too well-disciplined fellow, he will follow the dictates of his heart more often than his head. As much as he is devoted to his home and family, he may still take off wherever he feels too hemmed in and head for the open country.

He is independent and very, very competitive. But since he will not be content to maintain a simple middle-of-the-road existence, his fortunes may change often and sometimes quite drastically if he is too impatient.

EARTH mouse - 1888, 1948, 2008

This type of mouse will mature early; for him happiness and contentment is found in order, discipline and security. He will strive to develop his positive traits and be recognized for his talents. He is a very realistic and not at all given to flashy dreams and expectations.

He likes to maintain good relations with everyone and prefers to work in one place or job for a long time where he will have good and loyal friends. He can zero in on one subject at a time and is thorough in his work. On the darker side, he can also be too achievement conscious, self-righteous and intolerant with others, especially if he is in too much of a rush to get things done exactly to his specifications.

He cares a great deal for his reputation and public image, but is warm and protective towards those he loves. He has high material standards and is always comparing his degree of success with his contemporaries. This type could become overpractical and stingy with money.

He never gambles and rarely takes chances. As a result, this mouse's fortunes will increase slowly but surely. He sticks to proven rules and modes of operation and usually expects those who work with him to do the same. 

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