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The Horse Personality

People born in the year of the horse are sanguine, sharp-minded, dress fashionably, gifted with a silver tongue, and have acute insight. But they fall in the snares of love easily, and break away from them lightly.

Most of the people born in the year of the horse leave their homes when they are young; those who stay at home start their careers early. They are vigorous and energetic. Their most striking point lies in their strong self-confidence, gentleness, and the ability to act as agents in financial transactions.

They do not adhere to old habits and like to show off. In dress, they usually select light colors and peculiar styles, gorgeous but vulgar when they take part in activities or parties.

They like to be engaged in intellectual activities and sports, and people can see this from their skillful actions, graceful posture, and eagerness while speaking. They react quickly and can decide promptly and opportunely. A person born in the year of the horse is generous, likes to join in fun, and are totally easy going persons. They are flexible, active and intelligent, and can usually control others.

However, they are impetuous and stubborn in temperament, and have fiery tempers. Most importantly, they cannot recognize their own weaknesses, and are therefore slow to change. They want others to work as quickly as they do, and if they fail to obtain satisfactory results, they are full of complaints and their faces become clouded. A person born in the year of the horse is always enormously proud of his own success, has many good ideas, and is good at solving knotty problems. He can achieve great success in dealing with chaotic matters. However, he usually feels satisfied and is intoxicated with the small achievements he has made. Moreover, he is often forgetful and absent-minded. Therefore, you should always supervise such a person and urge him on so that he will not become slack.

These people are self-centered and like to be surrounded and served by their relatives and friends. They can channel other people's thinking to their own by using excellent words. And they will not give up until they have poured out all their thoughts, dancing with joy.

People born in the year of the horse believe that their aim in life is to "seek individual freedom and happiness." If you happen to favor this creed, they will not stand at your side for they only believe in their own happiness. However, they are not greedy,selfish, or envious. They will only get angry, but never engage in intrigue or conspiracy when there is trouble on all sides.

Such people are not selfish about material matters. They do not make enemies of others intentionally, but others should not impose their opinions on them. They can scarcely wait when others do not comply with their acute thoughts and agile behavior. They may become excellent actors, but are not suitable to become teachers.

The contradictions in their temperament should be attributed to their changeable moods. They act according to their own intuitions. It is impossible to ask such a person to explain this, or to make a rational analysis of it. However, they can promote the further development of an activity by using their potential, which makes people gasp with admiration. They are often engaged in several activities at the same time, and are good at controlling situations. They put their plans into practice without hesitation once they have made up their minds. They either rush about to devote themselves to their careers, or they become extremely fatigued, and lie down.

It is difficult for a person born in the year of the horse to adapt himself to the schedule worked out by others, and they are too impatient to observe regulations. But they love stimulating jobs.

You should talk to such a person simply and clearly, otherwise he will not concent mouse on what you are saying. You should tell him directly whether a plan is feasible or not, and he will appreciate your sincerity and frankness. You should not suppress his emotions excessively, otherwise he will burst into anger, and leave the table or a meeting.

These persons are unwilling to be with people they dislike. They have their own ideas or thoughts, and it is difficult to make them submit to others. They also usually have a large circle of acquaintances and friends, and make new friends every day. But, they never rely on their friends too much.

They are always active in stirring up situations, and can bring about sunshine in winter.

They try to do things quickly, but lack persistence, and they cannot endure hardships over a long period of time. They are flexible, and can adapt themselves to circumstances. When meeting with others, they will not be as blunt as people born in the year of the dragon. For example, they will not visit you without notifying you in advance. On the contrary, they may send you a calling card first, or telephone you before visiting you at your convenience.

A woman born in the year of the horse likes to arrange all things in perfect order. She is so energetic that she would like to appear in ten different places simultaneously, if that was possible.
Her appearance, which may be like a lithe soap bubble, gives people fresh and bright feelings. Some of the women born in the year of the horse are gentle, while others are so arrogant and unyeilding that one can hardly control them. However, they can always win people's appreciation. Family is only a part of their social life, and a woman born in the year of the horse will not always stick to an old place over a long period of time.

She will have deep love for tender plants, natural scenery and pleasant sounds. She has unusual methods for entertaining, and her imagination and passion may be aroused by the roar of the waves and rustling of leaves. She will become overjoyed and full of eagerness when she throws herself into nature. If you fall in love with such a woman, remember not to shut her into your own little worlds.

People born in the year of the horse may be rich, but the property that they own is not safe as they do not worry about protecting it, and therefore they may lose a part of it. They spend extravagantly, and like to make fun of others, both of which are by-products of their imaginative nature. They like to make their marks in the world, and often take the lead when there is nobody else to take responsibility for a decision.

They are quite sensitive to crises of love, and will lose everything if disappointed in live. There are many things that they finish unhappily, and they may experience several broken marriages during their lives.

Those born in summer are usually more able to cope with their lives than those born in winter. When they are middle aged, which are their peak years, they will be capable and experienced, able to bear responsibilities, and scarcely ever fettered.

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