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The Horse Child

A child born in the Horse year will be animated, boisterous and mercurial. He or she will have a passionate love of life and a buoyant personality. He likes to do things quickly and will be able to lear new things easily. (Many horse youngsters are also born left-handed.)

This child will tend to be disobedient, stubborn and willful when held back, but he is not the whinning, crybaby type. This sprighty little fellow will love the outdoors and should be allowed plenty of exercise and independence--otherwise he will just take it.

Although he may roam the neighborhood and indulge in all sorts of rough games; he will always find his way home at meal time. He will be plagued by restless and searching spirit and needs to be constantly occupied.

He will walk and talk early and will resent parents who restrict him too much. He is affectionate and demonstrative but won't like too much cuddling. Constrict him with rules, regulations and demanding schedules and he will bolt. A happy-go-lucky daredevil, he does things on the spur of the moment.

It would be well to discipline the Horse child as he should learn to control his volatile temper and impulsive ways. Self-centered as he is, the realistic Horse will conform and adapt himself once he sees that there is no other way out.

No doubt this adventurous little person will get himself into countless predicaments, but he won't be needing you to bail him out. He is quite capable of getting himself out of danger. Although he does not deliberately look for trouble, he does not scare easily and will like to fight his own battles.

All in all, the colorful and lively personality of the Horse will perk up any household.

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