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The Dragon Child

The high-spirited Dragon child is an innovator. Forceful, fearless and vibrant = nothing will daunt his idealistic outlook on life. He will formulate his own principles early in life and will need or ask for very little help. He is respectful of his elders and will be able to obey commands precisely.

This intense child needs to anchor his passions to something or someone he considers worthy of his devotion. He will have countless idols his teachers, his parents or anyone he regards highly. He is bright, agressive and independent. Tough and resilient, he can take teasing or shoving around because he is willing and ready to fight for reis rights. Outspoken and ambitious, he should be given responsibilities in order to keep him occupied and make him feel useful. However, he should not be be allowed to bully less assertive children. His domineering ways must be checked at an early age.

The Dragon child must be made to feel his worth. He would prefer that you needed him instead of just loved him. His efforts are always sincere and should be praised, as he will work very hard to please you and gain your respect. Never bruise his ego by laughing at him, even if he goes about performing a simple chore as if it were some intricate ritual. The Dragon's syllabify is immeasurable. His dreams of greatness are all real and tangible to him. In life, his emotions will touch soaring heights and unfathomable depths. If he fails at anything, he has to be reassured that the sun will shine again the next day. He judges himself very harshly. Once he realizes his mistake, there will be no need for you to reproach or punish him, as he will be the first to chastise himself and make amends.

If your child is a Dragon, he will want or maybe even demand that you rely on him and he will do his best never to disappoint you. This proud and self-reliant youngster will be strong and faithful to his ideals always. He was born to lead and excel.

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