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The Dog Child

This child will be friendly, happy and well-balanced. Cheerful and harmonious, he expects little of others and can accept his parents and friends as they are. Open, confident and loyal, he will perceive other people's viewpoints with amazing clarity while still maintaining his own convictions and dignity. He will never allow himself to be bullied and in all probability will put up a hefty fight with the neighborhood tyrant and win the respect of his peers.

Sensible and fairly consistent, the Dog will get his schoolwork done without too much trouble. He will be reasonable when asked to help around the house and will be protective toward younger family members.

Playful and outgoing, he will insist on a certain degree of independence. But the faithful Dog will never stray too far from home. This child will be known and liked for his sense of humor, warmth and candid ways. When offended, the Dog child can turn rebellious, mean and hypercritical. His anger flares and subsides relatively quickly and he will return to his normal equilibrium. He will not keep a grudge for long and can forget and forgive readily.

When he is negative, the Dog is pugnacious, argumentative, caustic and unbendingly opinionated. He is only liberal and fair-minded if not pushed too far. When he feels he has been taken undue advantage of, the Dog will retaliate bitterly and without any compassion. Once he starts to fight, the Dog will not be open to discussion or negotiations anymore. It is better never to challenge this tolerant child to the point of no return. The unassuming Dog can erupt like a volcano.

If the Dog child is rejected or unappreciated, he could be lethargic, insensitive, cynical or plain indifferent to the wishes of his parents. Compliment and encourage him and this child will reciprocate lavishly. Basically, he is cooperative, so there should be no need to cajole or threaten him in any way. Efficient and diplomatic, the Dog will exhibit a lack of prejudice, or at least he will make it a point never to show it. He is inclined to avoid scenes rather than create them.

It will be safe to give him responsibilities or take him into your confidence even at an early age. The trustworthy Dog will not like to be accused of having a loose tongue. He will guard a secret like a sacred trust

To sum it up, the Dog will always defend what is his. He will have a high sense of values and to him home and family will come first.

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