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Chuxiong Solar Calendar Cultural Park -- Symbol of the Yi Civilization

Chuxiong is an ethnic autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, with rich tourism resources, colorful ethnic cultures and customs as well as unique cultural, geographical sights.

The prefecture is a main habitat of Yi nationality, one of the 55 ethnic minorities in China. The Yi ethnic group has created a marvelous ethnic culture, including the Ten-month Solar Calendar.

The Chuxiong Ten-month Solar Calendar Cultural Park was completed in July 1999, featuring the ancient calendar as well as the other colorful culture of the Yi ethnic group. The park embodies traditional ethnic cultural research, performances of ethnic culture and customs, ethnic art exchanges, entertainment, as well as commercial activities, fully displaying the cultural relics of the Yi nationality. It is undoubtedly a unique assembly of the marrow of the Yi cultural heritage and a dynamic museum of the Yi culture.

The park has become an important place for scholars at home and abroad to study the Yi ethnic culture, as well as a tourist attraction.

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