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TCM in America and Canada

United States (America)

In America, TCM, led by the widespread acceptance of acupuncture, has been or is being legally licensed in the majority of the states. As a result, TCM, including the increasing practice of traditional Chinese herbalism, is truly becoming an alternative holistic medical practice.

At present there are more than 20 acupuncture medical centers in the whole country.

At the same time, along with the Chinese medicine and acupuncture's development in America, the Chinese herb is also favored by Americans. Statistics shows that approximately 5 percent of all patients take natural medicine; among them, 80 percent take Chinese herbs in the course of treatment.


Most of the Chinese acupuncture services are carried by personal clinics in Canada. In recent years these services have developed quickly, with approximately 2,000 people engaged in Chinese acupuncture. The acupuncture clinics have spread throughout the whole country and are mostly set up by overseas Chinese.

Although at present the therapy involving Chinese medicine and acupuncture cannot enjoy medical insurance coverage in Canada, still many patients go to Chinese medicine clinics to see doctors.

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