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At least 2.8 million Australians go to Chinese medicine clinics every year. With the widespread application of Chinese medicine, the import of Chinese herbs has quadrupled since 1992, gradually becoming an important component of the Australian medicine market.

In May 2000, the Victorian Parliament passed the Chinese Medicine Registration Act, making Australia become the first country to grant Chinese medicines a legal status.


Since most African countries have backward health service, they are the rising market for Chinese herb. Since 1960, medical teams from China have aided many African countries, like Tanzanian, Zambian, Mozambique, Zaire, and Mali. They have introduced Chinese medicine and acupuncture to local people, building a stable foundation for TCM's development in Africa.

In February 22, 2002, the South African government passed legislation recognizing TCM, making it one of the first countries on the African continent to legalize TCM.


From the 1950s, Chinese medical teams for foreign aid have brought Chinese medicine to the Middle East. Currently, those medicines for health care, weight loss, and cosmetology are extremely popular.

At present, among the 21 Arab countries, nearly all has opened Chinese medicine clinics and Chinese herb shops. In 1988, the United Arab Emirates established the Chinese Medicine Treatment Center, while Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen discussed with China the prospect of introducing experts from China into the three Gulf countries.

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