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By the 19th century, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) had spread to Singapore along with the inflow of Chinese people and became an important medical system there.

In the last 20 years, Chinese medicine has become an essential factor in Singapore's various medical care enterprises. At present, there are more than 30 TCM treatment organizations and 1,000 TCM clinics.


Among Malaysian medicine shops, about 3,000 of them sell Chinese medicine and most of them are inherited pharmacies. Although the Malaysian Medical Ministry has been supportive of the development of TCM, the registration for Chinese medicine doctor still has not been formed; in other words, people in Malaysia can practice medicine without being registered.


The Thai Government has admitted TCM's legal status. Only the doctor who passes a test could get the provisional charter. As early as 1987, the government passed a proposal for Chinese medicine. There are more than 800 Chinese medicine stores, most of them having doctors for customers to consult.


Since from very early on, Vietnam has allowed Chinese medicine to operate alongside Western medicine. There are nearly 200 big-scale pharmacies in the country. At present, 16 of China's drug enterprise has obtained license to produce and sell medicine in Vietnam.


Since the 1980s, along with the quick development of Chinese medicine, the Japanese Government has given more and more support and attention to the study of TCM's application and research.

According to statistics, at present about 15,000 Japanese are engaged in Chinese medicine, approximately 100,000 are engaged in acupuncture and massage, and nearly 30,000 researchers in the study of TCM.

Moreover, Japan has more than 10 Chinese medicine study institutions, with the drug departments of 44 public or private medical colleges having established herb branch.

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TCM in America and Canada
In America, TCM, led by the widespread acceptance of acupuncture, has been or is being legally licensed in the majority of the states. As a result, TCM, including the increasing practice of traditional Chinese herbalism, is truly becoming an alternative holistic medical practice.
TCM in Europe
England, as the center of the Renaissance (14th-16th century), was one of the original places of modern medicine.
Other Places
At least 2.8 million Australians go to Chinese medicine clinics every year. With the widespread application of Chinese medicine, the import of Chinese herbs has quadrupled since 1992, gradually becoming an important component of the Australian medicine market.
Chinese Medical Cosmetology and Banting
Chinese medical cosmetology has a long and glorious history in China.

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