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Five Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi)

China's great physician Hua Tuo created the Five Animal Frolics (frolic refers to dance or movement) in the last stage of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). He summarized the traditional practice and invented gymnastics, including the movement of the bird, bear, monkey, deer, and tiger , hence the Frolics of the Five Animals.

Key Benefits

The Bird Frolic develops balance, lightness, and agility. It cools and relaxes the whole body, balances the heart-energy, gently stretches the ligaments, and releases the spine.

The Bear Frolic to develops deep-rooted power. It creates greater leg strength, fortifies the bones, and develops energy in the kidneys, which is the body's fundamental source of vitality.

The Monkey Frolic develops suppleness and agility. It helps a person become quick witted, alert, and nimble.

The Deer Frolic develops grace and relaxation. It gives a long stretch to the legs and spine, creating an open, expansive movement with very flexible muscles and bones.

The Tiger Frolic develops muscular strength. It strengthens the waist, muscles, and kidneys and builds internal power.

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