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Uygur Iatrology

The Uygur iatrology and medicine account for a rather large proportion of TCM. Till now, the medicines included in the national pharmacopoeia have amounted to 202 kinds, including 115 medicinal materials and 87 preparations.

Compared with other national medicines such as TCM and Tibetan iatrology, Uygur iatrology has its special conception. It is made up of body fluid, temperament, and organ theories. Its therapy and medicine have special effect on tumor prevention, heart and blood disease, dermatitis (skin inflammation), and diabetes.

Uygur iatrology has a traditional special therapy conception and hereditary secret formula. By integrating these two components with research on modern physical conception, this particular iatrology has developed Compound Musk Oral Liquid, Xiangfei Cardiac Stimulant, and 13 types, as well as 147 species national drugs for vitiligo (a skin disorder) and diabetes. Some of the medicines have been launched in markets of the United States, Japan and Singapore.

In Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Automonous Region, one of the four long-life areas worldwide, the Uygur medicines are well known. As a special part of Chinese medicines born in jokuls (snow- or ice-covered snow mountains), deserts, prairies, and oases, Uygur medicine brings hope for more and more people.

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