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Packaging: Small Changes Bring Big Upgrade Quality

Chinese Herbal Medicine packaging for simple random lead shoddy, adulterated phenomenon, Hebei Province Food Drug Administration requirements on November 1 this year, the Chinese Herbal Medicine production enterprises must use standard packaging materials, and packaging capacity to a maximum of 1 kilogram. This marks the bulk slices from the historical stage in Hebei. Industry insiders say the move is not only beneficial to the quality of Chinese Herbal Medicine to track and trace, in enhancing the quality of slices, and promote traditional Chinese medicine industry, the promotion of Chinese traditional Medicine Will have far-reaching impact.

10 27, U.S. prestige in Hebei Medicine Limited production of the workshop, small packaging bags Angelica is offline from the assembly line, plastic packaging pharmaceutical production license number directly shown, the implementation of standards, durability, storage, manufacturers, address and other information, and workers are affixed a small label displaying: “Name: Angelica; Origin: Gansu; batch number: 20091002; specifications: 1 × 1kg; production date: 2009.10.27; valid until: 2011.10.27.”

Han Gang, general manager of the company say they have used plastic bags Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials license production of the composite film, the cost of 0.2 yuan each, ventilation and ruggedness is very good. It is understood that the national “Drug Administration Law” of the Chinese Herbal Medicine does not make clear packaging requirements, has been the enterprise are based on customer requirements, select the sacks, bags for packaging Chinese Herbal Medicine. Sacks, waterproof bags can not proof, nor rats and insects, can not prevent some unscrupulous traders adulterated.

Han Gang, as early as 2002, they had already started to produce small package Chinese Herbal Medicine. “Our products are mainly Export The customer asked us to made a small package, generally 1 kg bag, some of your products are half-kilogram bag of rare, and even vacuum, in order to prevent product mildew. Since foreign trade products are small package, we decided to use domestic products are small package, this product is very popular to get a large hospital. ”

“Had mainly afraid of fraud, a hospital has a number of enterprises in the supply, quality problems slices out of the hospital to find you, not tell.” Han Gang of Hebei Food and Drug Administration of the expressed support for the new policy. In his view, small package product not only easy to preserve, good management, the issue of quality, but also easy to trace factory. “We use industry-wide small package, enables companies to pay more attention to quality management, and promote the healthy development of industry standards.”

Although the small-packing appears to be simple, but because a wide range of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the weight difference is difficult to grasp, difficult to achieve body-packing of the work, to be completely implemented by the manual. This will allow enterprises to increase the cost of some packaging and some repackaging staff. “But we are still in favor of the standard Chinese Herbal Medicine small package,” Yasukuni’s Health Source Pieces Xiao Xiao Yuezong General Manager said, “there is a package of business intelligence has been the support of national policy, no packaging, no qualifications, even on fake and shoddy products will be out of the market. ”

Regulation: more efficient and effective “Producing provinces of Hebei is a Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine has been one of our regulatory focus, in recent years, we have been looking for effective ways to strengthen supervision.” Hebei Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director Liu Xiao defended frankly, there is Chinese Herbal Medicine imperfections such as testing standards, processing standards are not unified, adulterated and other regulatory difficulties.

Liu Xiao defended the view that Chinese Herbal Medicine shoddy, adulterated phenomenon of the reasons for repeated first slices the majority of Chinese can not accurately identify strengths and weaknesses, to provide a fake Chinese living space; and some grass-roots hospitals in order to save costs , to buy from some Youyiyaofan Chinese Herbal Medicine; there are some unscrupulous traders in pursuit of economic interests, to buy directly from Yaonong Pieces, copy large enterprises label out OEM Sell . But the fundamental reason is that Chinese Herbal Medicine has long been the bag, woven bag, easy to fake, a problem not easy to find “the home”, these acts not only increased the difficulty of supervision, but also to bring great masses of medication security risks.

After nearly half a year of research, a purchase and sale of Chinese Herbal Medicine to standardize order in the province, to prevent the company from illegal channels buy the official introduction of the provisions of Chinese Herbal Medicine. The document states:

(A) of the medical institutions and drug retailers have legitimate Chinese Herbal Medicine from the production and business enterprises have purchased the required packaging and labeling of the slices, while online verification clerk qualifications and to obtain the appropriate certificates and instruments, etc. .

(2) Chinese Herbal Medicine Packaging and labeling should comply with four requirements: 1. Chinese Herbal Medicine Packaging Materials Must use non-toxic, harmless, transparent, and comply with the standard plastic food packaging materials; 2. Chinese Herbal Medicine packaging capacity, according to different types of slices and customer needs may be, but most not more than 1 kg; 3. From the slices produced Chinese Herbal Medicine company purchased, the label should indicate the name, place of origin, specifications, manufacturer name, drug production license number, the product batch number, production date, and is a sign of quality standards. Implementation of the approval number of Chinese Herbal Medicine must indicate the approval number; 4. From slices of Chinese Herbal Medicine buying wholesale business, the label should indicate the name, specification, origin, business enterprise name, date of manufacture, dispense date, and qualifying mark of quality. Pieces purchased from manufacturers and then repackaging the wholesale of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the label must indicate the name of manufacturer, production batch number.

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