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Chinese Herbal Package

Small slices of a comprehensive promotional package is the general trend.

Small package gives Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most intuitive impression of the past to change the packaging simple and traditional herbs, health and so difficult to protect disadvantages, but also prevent any manual weighing, after deployment of heterogeneous sub-dose, and drug after mixed bag illegible, difficult to correct errors and omissions drugs phenomenon.

This is only to facilitate the use of small packing slices after a hospital pharmacy dispensing benefits. In fact, the slices of small packaging improvements, not simply the traditional Chinese medicine into a small bag, the most important thing is the internal change. Promote small package Pieces also means that the production and use of a standard start.

Meanwhile, The western packaging such as jars, vials, bottles, for Chinese medicine is more popular than before.

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Traditional Packing Type of Chinese Medicine Herb

Packaging: Small Changes Bring Big Upgrade Quality
The Chinese Herbal Medicine production enterprises must use standard packaging materials, and packaging capacity to a maximum of 1 kilogram.

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