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Chinese Snuff Bottles

The art of the snuff bottle occupies an important position in the history of arts and crafts of both China and the world. From the time it appeared up to now, the snuff bottle has been treasured and collected.

The snuff bottle presents an embodiment of many arts and crafts such as drawing, calligraphy, carving, inlaying, painting, which open up a new form of comprehensive arts and crafts, have become a miniature of prosperity and development of arts and crafts in ancient China. Its small, exquisite and diversified forms, varied decorations and rich content of its designs combine to form a unique image of art, producing magical charm.

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History of Snuff Bottles
It is commonly believed that the snuff bottles were introduced into China by the western missionaries. The earliest reference of snuff bottles into China was dated 1684.
Types of Snuff Bottles
Many of the precious stone and mineral snuff bottles existing today were made by the Imperial Household Department of the Qing Dynasty.

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