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Story of Chicken Blood

The Chicken Blood, with very bright red glaze on the surface is the best Jun china. 
Here is a story about the Chicken Blood.

In the end of the Ching Dynasty (1616 - 1911 A.D.), there was a potter called Wang Jin. He was very good at making nice china, the only disadvantage was the color of the glaze. One night, when sleeping, He heard someone said "wake up!, wake up!" So He opened his eyes and saw an old angel. The angel told Wang Jin a secret of making fine china by writing down two words -- "heart blood" on the ground and disappeared. Wang Jin thought over and over, finally he decided to jump into the kiln, sacrifice himself with his "heart blood" to create the most beautiful china. When his son called Wang Xiao hearing the news, he begged 
his father not to die but failed.
One day, when they were making another batch of china, Wang Jin told Wang Xiao to fetch some cake and then jumped into the fire.

When Wang Xiao came back, he realized that his father had sacrificed himself to the kiln. He cried so badly that he fainted at last. His soul flied over to a mountain, and saw the old angle and his father talking together. So he begged the angle to save his father.

"It is too late," the angle said, "You father misunderstood me, I just suggested that he should be more dedicated and use some kind of blood. Anyway, you father has created the most beautiful glaze of china. In the future, if you want to make the same product, it is unnecessary to sacrifice human lives. Chicken blood is enough."

Wang Xiao succeeded his father's job and taught the secret to all his colleagues. After that, the potters used chicken blood as the sacrifice for the kiln, the glaze became very beautiful. The best color was "chicken blood red", there are also some other colors like auroral, pale red and aubergine purple, all of those are new fine colours of Jun china.

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