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Introduction of Red Glaze

China exquisite porcelain techniques known to the world, is also in the four great inventions of the past, it has spread all over the world. Red is the favorite color of the Chinese nation and also of the world's most popular color, because red represents good fortune, good luck, celebration, solidarity and prosperity. It was the colored glaze made out of the proper compound of copper burnt in the high-temperature reducing atmosphere, with fresh red in color, so it was named "red glaze". Since ancient times,it had become the pursuit of the royal treasures to carry auspicious red glaze.  

History of Red Glaze

The emergence of red glaze can be traced back to the early years of Beisong. But the real pure, stable red glaze is bright red first fired at the early period of the Ming dynasty. Jingdezhen started to make the works in red glaze in late of Yuan Dynasty and early of Ming Dynasty, and they were in vogue during Yongle and Xuande Reign. In Jiajing Reign, the official kiln had turned to make "alum red glaze", and the red glaze was recovered till Kangxi Reign of Qing dynasty, and turning out such new colored glaze as the Langyao red and kidney-bean red.

Types of Red Glaze

Alum red using iron as color agent is first fired during the early years of Jiaqing. The bright red is high temperature colored glaze and the alum red is low temperature colored glaze.Red glaze has many different kinds. There are various kinds of different varieties evolved from different shades besides bright red. The deep ones include ruby red, vermilion, chicken blood red, skiny red, daub red and so on. The daub red with yellow is also called xingzishan and the daub red with light yellow is also called coral glaze. In addition, there is still reddish orange and dark iron-red. Usually, the light one is called pink, the one with grey is called cowpea red and the one with both grey and dark is called mouse skin. Carmine rough red is also one kind of pinks. The most gorgeous one among pink is called the beauty's flush.

Values of Red Glaze

High cost (Red Glaze is white inside,outside is made from uranium,whose value is more than gold).  Difficult to burn (It is usually from the temperature to determine the quality of porcelain, and Chinese red is high-temperature porcelaint burning at more than 6,000 degrees).
Process is complex( first biscuit firing, second glaze firing, then braising, finally outlining in gold or painting.Every process is strict).

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