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Chinese Brocade

Nanjing Brocade is the eminent representative of our nation's prominent traditional culture. It got its name from Yun that means clouds, since the fabrics is as beautiful as the splendid clouds in the sky, and has got a history of nearly one thousand years.

Among all the ancient fabrics, silk fabrics known as “Jin” represents the top industrial arts. Furthermore, Nanjing Brocade concentrates all the advantages of advanced silk fabrics arts and technology of ancient dynasties and ranks first in quality among the three well-known categories of silk fabrics. It had been used as tributes to the loyal families in the three dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing. Owing to its rich cultural and scientific connotation, it is honored by experts as “the last milestone in the technological history of Chinese ancient silk fabrics”. It is acknowledged by public as “oriental treasure”, “China's wonder” and is also one of the rarest historical cultural legacies in China and the world.

In the prime of the production of Brocade that was regarded as China's noblest silk fabrics and the symbol of the highest technology in Chinese silks, Nanjing enjoyed over thirty thousand looms and nearly three hundred thousand persons made living on the trade, which was the Nanjing's biggest handicraft industry at that time and occupied a certain position in the Chinese history. Brocade is not only the pride of the people of Nanjing but also the pride of mankind's civilizations.

The Brocade described as “an inch of the silk fabrics equals to an inch of gold” by the ancient Chinese is woven by big size wooden looms 5.6m long, 4m high and 1.4m wide operated by two workers, one above and one below. Its production sequence can be depicted as the current computer program language, and it fully embodied the talent of our ancestors.

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