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Blue Calico

One of China's most popular and enduring styles is the blue and white printed calico from the towns of the lower Yangzi River. First worn by local farmers and fishermen, its deep blue color, comfortable, natural feel, and charming traditional patterns have kept it popular, and It is famous for its handmade printing and dying process,concise and simple desigh and bright and concordant coloreven among the urban sophisticates of modern China. Much of it is produced in the city of Nantong near the mouth of the Yangzi river, but it is sold and worn all over the province.

Nantong is on the north of the Changjiang River with the Yellow Sea on the east .The soil and climate are especially suitable for cotton planting.From Ming dynasty,weaving technology has been developed here,At the beginning of Qing dynasty people begin using indigo as a coloring matter to make blue calico.

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