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Potted landscapes, otherwise known as landscapes cultivated in pots, are made by putting the artistic touch on plants and stones arranged in a pot to make it look like an ornament -- a miniature of natural beauty. In general, potted landscapes fall into two categories: potted landscapes composed of plants (potted plants) and those made from stones and water.

The potted plants are made from old, short stumps that can be easily maneuvered into a desired shape by hanging, binding, trimming, de-leafing and grafting. Some are made to look like moving beasts, some like soaring birds, and others like imaginary animals.

To make a potted landscape using stones and water, the stones must be carved, chemically altered and arranged in a dainty pan pot dotted with miniature pavilions, bridges, boats, plants and lichens. Using finest workmanship, the elements are arranged to conform to the laws of nature, reflecting the natural scenery with poetic charm: "Mountains extending hundreds of miles all are contained in a pot so small."

Potted landscapes demand painstaking efforts and take a long time to complete. Sometimes, a craftsperson devotes all of his/her life to a piece of artwork so later generations can enjoy them to the fullest.

The potted landscape may be as long as nine meters or less than 1 meter. However, the finished product looks heroic and imposing, with lofty, famous mountains, vast deserts, and endless seas condensed into one pot.

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