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Tomb of Princess Yongtai

Princess Yongtai was the granddaughter of Emperor Gaozong (Li Zhi) and Empress Wu Zetian, the seventh daughter of Emperor Zhongzong (Li Xian). She died in the 1st year (701) of the Dazu reign at the age of 17. In 706, she was buried with the emperor's son-in-law Duwei (captain) Wu Yanjin, the nephew of Wu Zetian, at the side of the Qianling Mausoleum.

The tomb is surrounded by walls. The wall is 275m from the north to the south, and 220m from the east to the west. There stand a couple of stone lions, a couple of ornamental columns and two couples of stone human statues outside the southern wall. The hillock is in the center of the mausoleum, and is 14 meters high with each side measuring 56 meters. The coffin chamber below the hillock consists of the slope-type tomb path, south path, the front and the back coffin chambers, and is 87.5 meters long, 3.9 meters wide, and 16.7 meters deep.

On the west of the rear room stands a kistvaen carved with images of maids-in-waiting images. The coffin chamber had been robbed in the early years, but there are still more than 1,300 pieces of valuable unearthed cultural relics, such as gold utensils, silver utensils, tri-color glazed pottery tomb figures, china and copper wares. The frescos are painted in the coffin chamber. The east and west sides of the tomb path are painted with black dragon, white tiger and honor guard; the east and west walls of the front room are painted with images of maids-in-waiting; the roof of the rear house is painted with the astronomical phenomena. The ladies in the frescos are plump and graceful. They are high-level works among the discovered frescos in the tombs of the Tang Dynasty. 

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