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Tomb of Zheng Chenggong

The tomb of Zheng Chenggong is located at the foot of Fuchuan Mountain in Kangdian Village, Shuitou Town of Nan'an County, Fujian Province.

Zheng Chenggong was born in the fourth year (1624) of the Tianqi reign in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). He was a great national hero for battling Netherlands invaders and reoccupying and developing Taiwan of China in the 17th Century. Leading the main army, he set out from the Liaoluo Bay in Jinmen on March 27 of the 15th year (1661) of Yongli in the Ming Dynasty. He reoccupied Taiwan completely on February 1, 1662. In the first year (1662) of the Kangxi reign, Zheng Chenggong died in Taiwan.

After the death of Zheng Chenggong, he was buried in Zhouzaiwei in the south of Taiwan. In the 38th year (1699) of the Kangxi reign, Zheng Keshuang, the grandson of Zheng Chenggong, returned to the mainland, and Emperor Kangxi granted the coffins of Zheng Chenggong and his son Zheng Jing to return and be buried in their native place. They were buried in the graves of their ancestors of the Zheng family in Fachan Mountain about 13 km away from their hometown -- Shijing.

Moved together for burial were the wooden statue of Zheng Zhilong, who was Zheng Chenggong's father, and the coffins of Zheng Chenggong's Japanese mother, his wife and daughter-in-law. When the coffins were moved for burial, the scenario was very grand. Emperor Kangxi granted the elegiac couplet: "When the four towns are disloyal, the stationed armies on the two islands dare to fight for part of the southeast. When all the princes have no land at all, the fighters in that place know there is loyalty overseas."

The mausoleum was an earthen tomb. In the tomb there are nine rooms in three rows to house 9 tall vermeil coffins. There is a little room called the epitaph hall in front of the tomb. A couple of ornamental columns are erected in front of the tomb, and 9 couples of stone splints are erected under the ornamental columns, for setting the mast.

February 1, 1962 was the 300th anniversary of Zheng Chenggong's reoccupation of Taiwan. In order to celebrate the great day, the Chinese government repaired the mausoleum again. Granite steps were built in front of the tomb, and an alcove was built on the right of the tomb, and the Epigraph for Repairing National Hero Zheng Chenggong's Mausoleum was erected. 

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