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Site of Pingliangtai Ancient City

The Site of Pingliangtai Ancient City is located in the southwest corner of Dazhu Village, four kilometers southeast of Huaiyang County in Henan Province.

Huaiyang County was the capital city of the Chen and Chu states during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC). The site was discovered in 1979 and excavations were carried out in the same year. 

Built on a five-meter-high platform, the ancient city covers an area of about 50,000 square meters. The city is square in shape, with each side measuring 185 meters. The remaining wall is three meters high and 10 meters wide. There is a gate located on both the south and north sides, with pottery drainpipes buried under the south gate. Towering construction sites were found inside the city. The houses have earth walls, and ash pits and pottery kilns can be found in the surrounding areas. 

Pingliangtai Ancient City, dating back about 4,300 years, is one of the earliest cities found in China and provides important materials for the study of early slave states in China.

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